I hand-texture each Sterling Silver Phaedra Cuff by striking the smooth metal between hammer and anvil before shaping it for your wrist.  To this, I add 4 glittering 1.5mm Diamonds, tube-set in Yellow Gold, to amplify the shimmering surface.  Customize your Phaedra Cuff by choosing Bright or Oxidized Sterling Silver. 

Each Sterling Phaedra Cuff measures 1 inch across, and arrives with a small Western etched star on its underside- a secret conversation between you and me. 


Phaedra Cuff with Diamonds

SKU: B1810
  • Clean your Bright Silver Phaedra Cuff by rubbing with a silver polishing cloth.  Oxidized Phaedra will not require surface cleaning, but you may remove dirt or debris by washing with a gentle liquid dish detergent in water.  This will also remove grime from your Diamonds.


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