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My grandmother and me circa 1972.

My grandmother first taught me to knit when I was a little girl.  On that day, she ignited within me a passion for the stitch.  There was such artistry in the knitted fabric we made together- soft materials, rich colors, a joyful sense of satisfaction in handling what we'd created.  And, of course, there was love.

When I started my jewelry line in 1991, I knew I would crochet metal to make my designs.   The lacy crocheted silver reminded me of the love my grandmother poured into me through our knitting lessons. 

I knew I had to bring that feeling to my designs.
Crocheting in silver was only the beginning for me.  As I continue designing jewelry, I fuse texture to material.  My pieces signify love and remind me of the moment my artistic passions caught fire.  I hope you feel it, too.


randi chervitz,

Uncommon Threads Jewelry


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