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The Story on Rose Gold

Hello Friends!

I have been off the grid for several weeks, slogging through two of the most intense courses in my graduate school program- Business Law & Ethics; and Entrepreneurship & Growth. I send gratitude to my professors, a Missouri judge and an entrepreneur of military background, both of whom challenged me and expanded my world view. Thank you, sirs.

Now that my summer semester is complete, it is time to return to my first love: making jewelry that enhances my customer’s lives. In that spirit, I turn my attention to a recent Uncommon Threads Studio introduction- Rose Gold!

Rose gold has come into the marketplace with a vengeance over the past few years. Its warm, pinkish color looks beautiful against almost every skin tone and it makes a lovely foil for many colored stones. Because my customers have asked for it, I am now including 14K Rose Gold as another precious metal available from the Studio.

Okay, so we know we love it, but what is Rose Gold, exactly? I did a little investigation to find out.

Most gold jewelry pieces made in the US mix this rare material with other metals such as zinc, nickel or copper to enhance a desirable property. For example, adding nickel to gold increases its hardness so the surface can take a polish well. To create Rose Gold, yellow gold is mixed with copper, which naturally turns the gold to a glowing, rosy color. Its warm color is akin to an emotional flush. Rose Gold is “what yellow gold would look like if it suddenly suffered an embarrassment.” (Mead)

While the color is enough to turn heads, Rose Gold's symbolic meaning is interesting, too. In traditional jewelry lore, Rose Gold represents love while White Gold signifies friendship and Yellow Gold, fidelity (Ma).

For the more spiritually-minded among us, Rose Gold is particularly useful for amplifying one’s energies, allowing us to connect with our most fervently-held intentions (Allison). The copper in the alloy awakens our sense of compassion, expanding our hearts for service, our capacity to carry love into all situations. Wearing Rose Gold is said to tune us in to the Divine Feminine, the source of all Creation, wrapping us up in feelings of love and protection. What’s not to love?

We share these positive wishes by adding Rose Gold to our jewelry collections. Let us help bring it into yours! The next time you consider a special piece of jewelry, inquire about having us make it for you in Rose Gold. In addition to a heartfelt gift made by hand in the Studio, think of everything else you’ll be sharing with your loved ones.

Always, at your service,


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