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Hello, my lovely readers! I know it’s been for-evah since I published a blog post. This pandemic has really obliterated my focus. You, too? I get it. Fingers crossed, we’ll be out of the woods shortly.

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve made efforts to take advantage of life’s slower pace. The result has been more reading, more writing, more considering where to go next in a life I’m privileged to live. While I’ll always design jewelry, I’d like to start writing more about it, too. Writing about everything more, as a matter of fact. There are a few topics about which I like to think I’ve developed some sort of expertise, among them jewelry and fashion design. It's time to start pitching my ideas to publications!

With that goal in mind, I hereby introduce my first writing sample, Stunning Diamond Cuts: The Emerald. I wrote this to pitch to Rare Carat,, an online service whose mission is “to empower consumers with information and tools to make intelligent decisions” when shopping for diamond engagement rings. I am all for being a part of this kind of consumer empowerment. I also really love an Emerald Cut diamond. 😉

Let me know of other publications to which I can pitch articles about jewelry, life and art, okay? Thanks for joining me on my writing journey.


Stunning Diamond Cuts: The Emerald

So, you got the girl. Now you need a diamond as amazing as she is. When it comes to selecting the stone for this significant jewelry purchase, the bar is set at an all-time high.

You could go the traditional route and opt for a Round Brilliant diamond. A circular sparkler with 58 facets, the Brilliant earned its name from the spectacular play of light produced by rays bouncing in, around, and back out of those fifty-odd facets so ... brilliantly. Or, you could try the square Princess cut, an angular riff on the Brilliant, pulled into four neat 90 degree corners. These two flashy diamond shapes account for the majority of the diamonds sold in engagement rings today.

But your girl is special. She’s classic, but edgy. She exudes a quiet confidence in everything she does- that’s one of the things you love about her. No, you decide. You’re not looking for flash. You’re looking for something more. You need an Emerald Cut.


The modern Emerald Cut design consists of eight sides: four long, and four short clipped corners. It has the requisite table, girdle and pavilion of other diamond cuts. It sports 58 facets, like the Brilliant. But the similarities end there.

Loaded with history, the Emerald Cut diamond contains the entire mythos of fine gem cutting. The shape descends from one of the original gemstone cuts, the simple “table” cut, used by the earliest gem cutters at the beginning of the gem trade.

By cleaving off one end of a diamond crystal, they created a flat plane through which light could enter, reflecting back a spectrum of fire to the viewer. Over time, additional cuts parallel to the table released even more visual fire, creating the “hall of mirrors” effect that so entrances viewers today.

The Look

The clean, straightforward style of the Emerald Cut is the basis of your diamond’s classic, timeless beauty. Artistic restraint is key when designing with this simple, dramatic cut. Consider adding only a few side baguettes to enhance the center stone’s architectural lines. Resist the temptation to add too many flourishes.

The simple design you choose now will shine for decades and never go out of fashion.

Emerald Cut diamonds look stunning in both yellow and white golds, as well as in platinum. The broad planes of the Emerald Cut make it almost a given that the stone you’ll purchase will be of high-quality with strong investment value. Its straight interior lines and wide table emphasize its color and clarity characteristics, so you’ll naturally focus on those while on the hunt for your perfect stone.

In Good Company

Well-known women of consequence have received Emerald Cut diamond engagement rings, making them highly-coveted by brides today. Iconic brides such as Princess Grace of Monaco (1950's American actress, Grace Kelly) and Elizabeth Taylor embraced their subtle glamour and glow. More recent brides include such inspiring women as Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’. What girl wouldn’t want to join that class?

So go out and get that Emerald Cut diamond. While Round and Princess cuts have their “look at me!” flash, you’ll savor the mysterious depth you can only find in an Emerald Cut diamond. Its history and enduring beauty speak of the love of a lifetime, exactly what your girl deserves.

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