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What's Blossoming for You?

Good morning, Friends,

It’s a grey, rainy morning here in Saint Louis, but I walked the dog anyway. Zephyr needed it, and I need Zephyr happy! As we walked, I observed tiny green buds appearing on the dripping trees. Spring is finally here!

I followed up the walk with a Spring-themed yoga practice, “Teeming with Life,” with teacher, Nichole Golden, via While attempting to slide my foot up the wall as per Golden’s instructions (eek!), I felt deeply in tune with her message- Spring is a time for blossoming. What are you doing to support blossoming in yourself?

Here’s how I’m doing it: Inspired by a cousin’s upcoming wedding, I chose to create some clothing pieces for my mother and me, rather than purchase ready-made, to wear to the events. This is a HUGE step for me, as someone who has told herself for eons that she “always wanted to be a fashion designer.” This is my chance to put my money where my mouth is.

For my momma, the cutest, kindest little person I know, for whom the bespangled, chiffoned confections typically available appear inappropriate, I used an Issey Miyake Vogue Designer Original pattern from 2008, which I’ve been hoarding for just the right moment, as inspiration for her jacket. I drafted a skirt myself to complete the look.

We’ve made substantial changes to the design to suit her requests and personality (the client is always right!), which I will feature in another journal post after everything is complete. We’re using a gorgeous greyed lavender Faille fabric, which has a glowing sheen perfect for a formal event. It’s her color.

From fitting to fitting, the jacket and skirt we’re creating have gotten better and better. Better fit, much better scale for her petite frame, best feeling ever that we’re doing this together, and it’s looking like a successful result!

For my own garment, I started with a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-esque 50’s style dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt. I completed my muslin, a practice garment I make to test fit and other details before cutting into the fashion fabric, tried it on, and…. UGH! Well… I’ll refrain from any “stuffed sausage” comments and simply say that the body changes over time.

I did NOT look good in this silhouette, and I was back to Square One. Fortunately, I discovered another pattern in my stash that is fitting the bill- and the body- much better: the Lynn Mizono Vogue Patterns American Designer dress.

For this I'm using a luscious cranberry silk dupioni. The design fits my body and my personality much better than my first try. Whew!

We’ve got a few more weeks ‘til the event. I’ll take photos of our completed garments at the wedding and post them so you can see the final results.

Enjoy this beautiful Spring day, even if it’s raining. Conditions are ripe for new growth. What’s blossoming for you?


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1 Comment

I love both patterns and the 2 of you will be so chic......great fabric choices for the patterns. Cannot wait to see the finished products.... YOU GO GIRL

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