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Welcome 2019!

Wow, what a year was 2018. When I wrote this post we hadn’t even hit Christmas yet, but I was already thinking about the New Year. Last year we had political upheaval, climate change, #MeToo’s… so many important changes to our lives in 2018. Heck, I turned 50! Couldn’t get much crazier than that. Changes happen on a professional level as well.

This was the year I started teaching on the college level, in my dream field- Fashion Design. You see, I carry a secret dream, a story I told myself as I grew as a jewelry artist: I really wanted to be a fashion designer. We all tell ourselves stories, some about who we are, some about who we wanted to be, some about “if I hadn’t missed that train that day I’d be….”

Life is what it is, and it is what we make it. This was my year to let go of what I “really” wanted to be, and just BE it, all of it, NOW.

So, you will see a few changes from me: Obviously, an updated website design to reflect my reinvigorated connection to my work- jewelry and clothing design. Anyone who follows me will be the first to see my newest jewelry designs, as well as what’s happening as I pull together my first clothing collection. Eek! Expect lots of shibori- the Japanese tie-dye techniques I have loved since college, and… I’m not sure what else! We’ll have to see what happens.

In addition, I’m now offering consulting services via the website! Through a new appointment-booking app, you and your creative friends can select a time and date to meet with me, personally, to review YOUR products so you can take them to the next level! Whether you seek gallery representation or a worldwide customer base, my experience positions me perfectly to help! We’ll chat about your work, your goals, and how to create YOUR path to create the business YOU want. I am ridiculously excited about this.

Finally, at least for today, I’m committing to communicating with you a lot more frequently through this blog. Teaching classes means I travel much less, which I love! But I miss connecting with my people, my tribe, my friends who care about creativity, and what I make.

Welcome 2019! Let this be the year we all shine!


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