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Hoo-ee! It’s cold out there! It’s 5 degrees this morning, and still I felt compelled to take my dog for a walk. A short walk, but a walk nonetheless. She needed to get outside. I like my responsibility of caring for her, but I’m glad to be back inside! As far as morning habits go, I’ll be meditating shortly (I use love that Brit, Andy!), and doing some yoga ( so many practices, it’s easy to stay committed). Then I’ll be ready to face the day.

Here’s what’s exciting me today- the color combination of indigo and yellow. I know, getting jazzed about colors might sound a little strange, but it happens to me a lot.

I’ve been listening to The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, in my car as I drive and in my studio as I work. It’s a dramatic story of women surviving the Nazi invasion of France in the early 1940’s. While the story itself is gripping, if a tiny bit predictable in plot and word choice, it’s the cover artwork that grabbed me. The watery indigo backdrop provides a lush, striking contrast for the golden yellow artwork and book title. I love to see it every time I open the app on my phone, before I hit the play button.

I’m not sure if this color combination will ever appear in my own work- it may be a more obvious fit for a textile pattern than a jewelry piece, partly because I’m not a huge stone-setter, and partly because I don’t know which stones come in that glorious blue-green Indigo. (Feel free to comment with your suggestions!) But even if it never does, it still charges something inside me, gets me excited to listen, to appreciate someone else’s art. That is enough.

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