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Hooray for Love!

When I read this wedding announcement in last week's Sunday New York Times, I found myself cheering. Something like this proves to me you're never too old to fall in love. Here are a few excepts from the announcement, written by Vincent M. Mallozzi of the Times, on January 26. Please read the complete entry here.

Barbara DeBolt Roy and Robert Ford Greene were married Jan. 25 at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club in Naples, Fla.

The couple met on eHarmony in March 2016. At the time, Ms. Roy was living in Naples and Dr. Greene, who has an apartment in Riverdale, the Bronx, was renting another in Palm Beach, Fla.

After getting acquainted through long letters exchanged via email, Dr. Greene, who normally shipped his car by rail to and from Palm Beach, boarded an airplane for the first time in 27 years, as he was eager to return to New York, where he had arranged to meet Ms. Roy.

“I could feel we had this great chemistry together,” said Dr. Greene, who is known as Bob.

As they shared their first conversation, Dr. Greene leaned over and gave Ms. Roy a kiss on the cheek, “which felt so natural” she said.

“I knew everything was going to work out great between us.”

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